Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Marms and Suffragettes

Left. Edith? and Marion. I wasn't sure as this picture wasn't pasted into the Tighsolas album, just tucked there, but the age of the photograph and the fact that this little girl -indeed- looks like young Marion, (as I have another studio shot) leads me to believe this picture was taken in 1889. Is that possible?

Well, only an expert in baby carriages could tell.

When I get around to writing that next bit of Flo and the City (soon, on this blog) I want to introduce the subject of suffrage. Flora is going to say that in five years she will have joined the suffragettes.

I will have Marion return from Montreal, to watch Flo and Mae while Margaret is away. She will have with her a pamphlet on suffrage, 1908, with a lecture by a McGill Professor E H Macnauten. This pamphlet was found amongst the Nicholson material! Marion will have attended a lecture by this man in Montreal. Why not?

Militant suffragism was just getting going in 1908. That's what suffragettes are, militant suffragists. And the Nicholsons were all for the militant suffragists. I know from a certain letter.

The militant suffragists were both mocked and reviled. They were also tortured in jail. In England, when some suffragists went on a hunger strike, they were force fed, through their mouths and through their vaginas. Tortured. Indeed, it is likely the suffagists became militant, because when they used peaceful means of protest they were still thrown into jail like criminals.