Wednesday, December 2, 2009

THE EYESORE -6th installment

Big hats and boats: 1910. Might be Marion there. This is a classic impressionist scene except for the canoe. Of course, the picture taker knew nothing of the avante-garde art scene in Paris. Canadian Emily Carr did, she was in Paris in 1910
I'll get right to it.

Except for an hour at luncheon, where Mrs. Montgomery fed them cheddar cheese sandwiches and cucumber aspic, and speculated about Margaret's trip to Three Rivers, a rather one sided conversation as the girls were sworn to secrecy about it, the afternoon passed uneventfully. There was choir practice at 2 pm to fill some time and afterwards Mae read in the hammock as Flo tossed a ball to Floss on the lawn.

At four the Mae and Flora left to pick Marion up from the train; well, Mae popped into Pope's, bought that piece of tongue and ran home to put it in a marinade, a few hours late, but how would Marion know?

On the way home, the two sisters ran into Jed C, who said Marion had not changed at all since he last saw her; then they bumped into Ivor D who said she had changed a great deal, so much he hardly knew her.

I saw them both last year, Marion wryly observed, at the St. Andrew's Day celebrations.

Marion was carrying a small travel case and a magazine as she detrained, and Flo grabbed the magazine from her.

It was the Ladies' Home Journal. It had been years since the Nicholsons subscribed.

But this is from May 1906, Flora said, disappointed. It's two years old. The fashions will all be out-dated. Well, I supposed it doesn't matter much in Sherbrooke, or anywhere in the ET for that matter.

Marion's attention drifted for a moment and she bit her bottom lip.

Anyway, Marion, teased, coming back to Flora. What's wrong with 2 year old fashions. This jacket is two years old. Mother sewed it from a picture in the Delineator.

The summer jackets, this year, don't have leg of mutton sleeves and braided collars.

Am I such an eyesore?

Well, I have to admit, Jim and Ivor didn't seem to think so.

Well, I will tell you a secret: I am having 2 new shirtwaist suits made for me, for the fall.

Where will you get the money to pay?

I will figure out something, Marion said, surpressing a smile.