Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marion's Street... 1910

Bleury Street 1910. For all I know, Marion is in this picture :) This is from the McCord Museum collection, which is posted on Flickr and which is available for non commercial reproduction with accreditation.

As I begin the second chapter of my novel, Flo in the City, a novel about a girl coming of age in the pivotal 1908-1913 era, based on the authentic letters of , Marion has moved to Bleury Street. So she walked up and down this street and perhaps took that streetcar.

There are some other cool photos of the area in 1910, of Sherbrooke and St. Denis that I will post on other blogs.

Actually, I have to get to editing the first chapter...but right now my husband and I are going to watch The Egg and I on Turner CLassic Movies. I heard the book serialized last year on BBC Four (It is a clever piece of writing, with comic and serious elements.) When I was little, I watched those Ma and Pa Kettle movies, a spin off of this movie.

My husband just figured out that Green Acres was based on this... I guess.