Friday, April 16, 2010

Ugly Betty and Beautiful Kate Hudson - Women in the News

Christmas Shoppers 1910. From Bain News in 1910 Collection on Creative Commons Flickr.
How can I make this blog about my book, Flo in the City, about a girl coming of age in the pivotal 1910 era, based on the letters of relevant to today. REALLY relevant. Well, I went on Google news and went through the alphabet to see what topics were the most popular today on Google Canada and to see if I could relate any to my middle school novel in progress being written on this blog.
A for Adam Lambert, B for Blue Jays, C Canucks, D Dale Begg-Smith, elin nordegren,F for facebook, G for Google, H for Horizon's Restaurant, I for Icelandic Volcano, J for Joannie Rochette,K for Kate Hudson, L for Larry King, M for Montreal Canadiens (But of course, they beat the Capitals last night, even I knew that!)Peter Steele, Raptors, Sydney Crosby, Tiger Woods, Ugly Betty, Volcano, Winter Olympics, X-Box, YouTube and Zach Parise. Hmm. The fact I had have never heard of many of these topics means that I'm a little out of the loop, which is not surprising for someone who has immersed herself in the 1910 era for 5 years.
Let's look at the women on the list as Flo in the City is about a girl coming of age in 1910. And see if we can compare.
So, we have Elin Nordegren, who I had to look up, believe it or not. Tiger's wife. I hate the whole Tiger Woods business. I used to work in radio and tv, for a station that was the city's sports station and I know all about athletes. In fact, one day, in the lobby of said TV station, one of the most famous local athletes came on to me and he had this reputation for being a family man. (I was flattered a bit. Handsome guy!) And besides, if anyone came on to me at all in those days, when I was young, it was married men. (And few of these were handsome, rich, or famous. Just guys.) The single men I wanted to pay attention to me were too shy to talk to me usually. OK. So, enough about that subject.
Kate Hudson. Adorable isn't she? But she hasn't been in anything worth her while lately, has she. Too adorable I guess. Ugly Betty, I wonder why that show is in the news. Wait, while I check it out. Oh, that show is 'hitting the big screen." I've only seen it a few times. I only watch a few TV shows at at time. 30 Rock, How I Met your Mother and the Big Bang Theory are the three my husband and I really like. Maybe Beautiful Kate Hudson can star in the Ugly Betty Movie. Joannie Rochette, well, talented girl who had a bitter sweet year. Our Canadian skaters are just wonderful? Aren't they?
Compare. Well, I don't know. Tiger's wife: well, in 1910, rich men had mistresses and women put up with it, if they cared at all. The middle class, that was a different story. In one of the Tighsolas letters, Margaret gossips about a man seeing another woman and says, "He should throw himself in the river." She'd fit in nicely now.
The short of it is, when it comes down to it, with respect to what's in the NEWS, things haven't changed much in 100 years. Not at all. Beautiful women, scandal, always popular. Singers, actors, always popular. Society people and Royalty and romance. That's what they liked back then and that's what they like now.
The Icelandic Volcano, they liked that stuff back then too. Lots of stories about earthquakes in the papers. Of course, they only had newspapers back then in 1910. Radio didn't exist.
Kate Hudson. Well, there were beautiful actresses to admire back then, stage actresses mostly. A little fatter than Kate. But she isn't far different from Mary Pickford, silent film star. The camera likes young and the camera likes thin. It always has. D. W. Griffith new it. (Oh, I just looked up why she's topical: apparently, she may have gotten breast implants. Seems like gilding the lily, but who really cares? Lots of people evidently.
THIS I CAN RELATE to Flo in the City. Even if you are one of the prettiest girls on the planet, you still don't feel good enough, especially as you age.
I've blogged recently about women as 'product' in a consumer society, that most women are prostitutes to some degree, well, that is especially true of actresses (and even actors). They literally sell their bodies, unless they are character actors.
Hockey, obviously, is popular in Canada from Google News most keyworded. (Is that a word?) (I used to knew everything about the 6 team NHL but I only recently learned, via the Olympics, who Sydney Crosby was. I stopped following hockey when the players started looking like babies to me. This Crosby is the age of my youngest son and looks even younger. I feel old. Maybe I should get some breast implants. Ah, a bottle of wine is cheaper.