Thursday, May 13, 2010

Musee Eden, Les Canadiens and Genes

Three Rivers Hockey Team 1904. Hugh Blair at left. I know because he looks like my brother in law.

Hmm. I've been listening to Le Docteur Pascal by Emile Zola on and it's about faith/science and genetics... The doctor of the title speculates on what it is that allows traits, physical and mental to pass down through the generations. He is a scientist, but he figures some mystical kind of material must be responsible.

I want to yell, "Nothing mystical! Just a ladder of beads..Like something a kid puts together, but much longer."

Anyway, the Canadiens have won the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and that is all people care about in these parts. (It's been a long time.)

I think the last time the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup was in 1994 and my son, then a little boy, stayed up until 10 pm for many nights in a row. I worried for his schooling (grade 1) but I really couldn't make him go to bed. My husband and I didn't watch hockey much then, but my aunt had come to live with us for a year or so and at about four, my son had gone into her room and watched the game with her and from that moment on he he was entranced. It's in the genes. He had no peer pressure in pre-school.
(My husband, who edits sports for TV, is now a big fan. I just watched a little vignette he put together using the I Believe song on CTV Montreal.) I was a big fan in my youth, and I remember one year, I think 69, I was living in Rosemere and the Canadiens were in the final and I couldn't watch so I went for a walk, it was May and very warm and then I heard a roar go up in the community. They had won. It's like that now, but the play offs go until June. You can have pool/Stanley Cup parties.

My girlfriend, Lise, is a huge fan. Her uncle played for the Canadiens years ago, so she is 'in the family.' But she gets so nervous she channel zaps.

How does this tie into Flo in the City, my middle school novel about a girl coming of age in the pivotal 1910 era: Well, Norman Nicholson of the website left behind a lot of stuff, letters, ledgers, but mostly lists. He was working on the railway in the 1908-1913 era and he had time on his hands. I also think he made lists for another reason: stress. How do I know? Well, my little son, when he had a fever, used to make lists, once of all the hockey players in the NHL. GENES again.

Oh, and I've been watching back episodes of Musee Eden. It is getting quite interesting, actually. And Eric Bruneau, who looks a lot like Colin Firth, had a nude scene and he is, yes, a beautiful young man. Even lying on his back. Well, especially lying on his back.