Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm in Love

Groucho Marx -You Bet Your Life

I'm in love - with Groucho Marx.

Now, I've been watching the Marx Bros for years: my mom loved them, but I always liked Harpo the best.

Lately, I watched their movies on Turner Classics on the big screen tv and apart from the Art Deco scenery, I liked Groucho best. I suddenly appreciate him. (My brother used to go around saying "Take that you muckrakers, have a cigar babe" way back, but now I get it.

And he seems like a decent man, too. From what I've read.

Funny, sometimes it takes years to appreciate the obvious.

I guess that nose and glasses didn't do much for me as a young woman. Now, my husband has Groucho brows...well, actually, he's pretty much the spitting image of Chris Noth but with greying hair. The women at work told him and he told me and I watched Sex in the City and I realized they were right. But I don't call him Mr. Big, just Mr. Big Enough.

I'm glad he doesn't read my posts.. Or, at least, his eyes glaze over if I try to read them to him.