Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Theatre Musings

A nice picture of my favorite actor Colin Firth at the Luncheon of the Academy Awards in February.

My husband and son went to Costco today to buy a new BBQ but came back instead with a much more important thing, a storage device for the satellite. I just asked, he says it is an external hard drive.
We buy and save a lot of movies off satellite.. And then I watch the few movies I like a few times over. I did this with An Education and I liked it more and more with each viewing. I am waiting this week for A Single Man, which I will likely buy on DVD too.
My husband couldn't wait to tell me about his purchase, as if I care about anything like that: he thinks I'll be happy because now I can keep the movies I buy or tape for a long long time. And he won't have to bug me to erase some because he's running out of room. I have a few favourites I refuse to erase, Mamma Mia, Lost in Austen, basically a whole bunch of Colin Firth movies and sundry period pieces and classics. I guess this has irked him on some level.
No new bbq. The one we have with the one handle that threatens to come off at any time will have to do. It doesn't matter. I never touch the thing.
Anyway, today I went with a friend to see Knight and Day because I saw the preview and it seemed funny. I was surprised, I liked it a lot. It's a spoof as far as I can see (without the broad comedy) and Cruise's deadpan performance is spot on. And Cameron Diaz is fun. Maturity has been kind to her. The problem is, the action genre is so over the top anyway, that few critics saw this movie as a spoof. It's too subtle a spoof -if that's possible. But I like subtle, that's why I like An Education. (Peter Sarsgard (spelling?) was in both movies.
Whenever I watch an action flick with my husband, usually half paying attention, I always say "That's ridiculous. No human can do that or take that punishment. " And he gets mad. He says I am ruining it for him. It's become 'the convention' I guess, led by the Bond Films. He's a news editor: so he likes to stop the movie at any point to show me continuity errors which have gone ZING over my head. I suspend belief when it comes to continuity. The dialogue is more important than whether a character has an open shirt, closed shirt, open shirt, etc etc.
Anyway, I saw a preview for an Oliver Stone Film, Wall Street Something or Other....sequel I guess. Carrie Mulligan is in it - and from what I saw in this preview, her performance in An Education is no fluke.
She's going to be a huge star...