Monday, July 26, 2010

Dress Freaks circa 1913

I had a 'brainstorm' this morning: I decided to add some links from the Montreal Gazette archives to my website to further enhance it. (It needs a total revamp, actually). I searched for 'aeroplane' 'suffrage' and 'suffragette' and even 'women's fashions' from the 1908-1913 era. A gem popped up first thing on the women's fashion search. "Freaky fashions prove women are unfit to vote."


The main theme of Flo in the City (and my website) focuses around this kind of thing: the trivialization of women's interests (fashion being a big interest) and how it is used against them.
Of course, women can be their own worst enemies in this respect. Here is the wife of the VP of the US.
"Some women's dress is not only extreme, it is objectionable. Women would do more good by correcting the dances in our cabarets than going into politics."
I will CERTAINLY use this article in Flo in the City. In July 1913 Flo is about to embark on her first job, teaching in Griffintown. In May, Edith attends a Suffrage Event and is disappointed when the speaker, a Mrs. Snowdon, advocates peaceful change. A radical suffragist, Edith Nicholson is.

The full article is here