Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Guaranteed Milk Bottle Montreal. From Heritage Montreal website.


I went on the Heritage Montreal website and I see that they recently ran a successful campaign to save the Guaranteed Milk Bottle erection, hey, hey.

They say it is classic art deco, but I have always thought it was ugly. Then, in film class in university, we were forced to watch this explicit movie by Dusan Makaveyev, which had Carole Laure being carried naked by someone or other up this building, a la King Kong, I guess. So it's our Empire State Building. I guess that makes the Orange Julep our Chrysler Building. Just kidding. I know Heritage is serious business; indeed the first article I read called it a "crusade"

Anyway, I guess I can use this as fodder for my essay that I must write this week for my Heritage Studies Course.

It's about how Heritage Organizations serve the public good or is a public trust At least that is their mandate.

I wonder how saving this milk bottle served the Montreal public.

Of course, with respect to my website The Guaranteed Milk Company has a lot to say: in those days milk was contaminated. The name was to give assurance.

That's why this erection, so to speak, has significance. It's intangible significance. THE STORY behind it is more imporant that the erection, which is kitchy, but in my opinion, a bit of a blight on the skyline.

I'm going to the gym again today, but my back hurts. That's my problem, the minute I am feeling fine, I hurt something. I am thinking of hiring a personal trainer. Sounds snooty, but a few years ago, I hurt EVERYWHERE. And a personal trainer took one month and cured me of all my physical ills, including my crappy knees which had hurt since I had became a mother. (Carrying all that extra weight up and down stairs, one huge baby in my body, another huge toddler in my arms. I went to a physio who merely scolded me for doing aerorbics and step and used water pressure to break up the cartilege, she said. It didn't work. I went to the doctor who said Yea, you've got blah blah syndrome, you can't run downhill and threw a pamphlet at me. Then I go to this woman, a Scottish woman who specializes in middle aged or more women, who gives me some easy targeted exercises and I am cured almost immediately.

Using weights, she told me, is useless, unless you know what you are doing. Anyway, I saw this huge progress in one month and then I started to get this SERIOUS allergic reaction to something. My eyes swelled up, then the next time my eyes and my face, then the next time my eyes, face, neck and it HURT. I thought it might be a reaction to latex or nickel in the weight machines.

All summer, my skin was super sensitive to sun and sweat. I finally found a cream that my skin could stand, Psorzema by Derma C and I got it under control. I now suspect my immune system was collapsing from exposure to something in the air. Maybe a pesticide. (They are banned in my area, but who knows.)

The next year in the same month, July, I got the beginnings of it. I immediately took antihistimines and used the cream. I was OK.

The next year I had one short incident.

This year nothing. Although I use the cream almost exclusively.

But I digress: Just to say, I don't want it to happen again. I want to keep going to the gym.