Monday, July 5, 2010

PVC Assault on the Senses

Home Fredericton.

As we left Fredericton to go to Halifax, I took a short walk near our hotel and was struck by the beauty of this house. It is a plain colonial style, the kind you see all over the eastern seaboard, but the blue shutters just set it off. As I contemplated the house, it occured to be that it would be a 'dump' without the shutters. I use that term loosely. That's because the clapboard is weathered and it looks like uneven cedar. Then I noted that it is the beauty of the contast between the glistening shutters and 'weathered ' clapboard that makes the house so gorgeous.

In my heritage course, the one I am taking at Athabasca U online, because I want to be able to enhance my website, a paper I read mentioned the two schools of belief, that Heritage homes should be restored to their original state, or that they should be left alone in whatever state of they are in... Like antique furniture where the patina is important.

But homes now are being built with PVC clapboard, and they will never weather. Even at the seaside. Of course, it's inexpensive to maintain, but it looks soulless.

You know that development we got lost in last episode, the small bungalows looked no different from the ones near where I live. My neighbour has prettified her pvc wrapped house with shutters and other creative landscaping, lovely, but it will never have a weathered charm.

A friend visiting somewhere in China sent me a picture of a new development there. It looked just like my area in suburban Montreal.!

And this PVC comes only in a few colours. So all that Maritime charm, those odd colours the houses are painted will soon be no more.