Friday, July 23, 2010

Slate to iPad

My Kindle has been sent out, but it hasn't arrived. Must be held up at customs. My son asked me why I bought the Kindle when I had the iPod. I said I bought it because of the iPod.

I have not read nearly as much since my eyes started to go on me, about a decade ago. I simply get woozzy (is that the word?) when I read with bi-focals.

I started to read Room with A View on the iPod and found it rather easy on the eyes and I know the Kindle will be even easier.

Working on computers does stress the eyes. No doubt. That's another reason I don't read as many books as I used to, my eyes are tired at the end of the day after working on the computer.

Anyway, for fun I turned that story I wrote The Quilt into PDF, loaded it onto my Tigsolas website at and then transferred it to the iPod.

And I have to write an essay for my Heritage Course, easy enough, except I my best time is early in the morning. I'm clearheaded then. But I've been sleeping in.

It's funny, a few years ago I wrote an education essay, saying that 'slates' have evolved into laptops, but I spoke too early. Slates have evolved into iPads. Just think of HOW MUCH MORE an iPad can do than a slate and you have a great symbol of how the growth in knowledge and access to knowlege has increased exponentially.

I talked to my kid again today on Skype. He's in Instanbul, in a hostel in the 'tourist' area and he said it is full of French Canadians, so he feels right at home. He was on the rooftop of the hostel (so as not to bother the other visitors in the common area) and he showed me the view. A roof with a view. Anyway, the picture was breaking up a bit and I suddenly recollected that scene from a Space Odyssey, where they girl talks to her Dad in the space station. I recall thinking "how neat' when I watched that movie. I knew this was going to happen sometime in the future.. Indeed, the Telephone Pavillion at Expo67 had an exhibit with video phone. My gosh, how far we've come. And yet so much stays the same.

That's why I think the letters of are important. They teach us about now, they are relevant. My Heritage course explains why to be significant, any heritage artefacts, buildings, intangible stories or folkways (traditions, beliefs, etc) must have something to tell us now. Well, duh.

My son said he lost 15 pounds on these post grad travels, because, as a vegetarian, he couldn't find much to eat in the Ukraine. I told him the only phrase I recall from Russian lessons years ago.. Hachoo Myca. I want meat. He said he learned one phrase. Nyet Myassa. No Meat.

He had been warned that it would be difficult to eat vegetarian in Turkey, but he says the warnings were wrong. I said, I assume it would be easy. In Canada Lebanese food is a staple for vegetarians, humous, lentils, etc.