Thursday, August 26, 2010

Greek Comedy

Chios waterfront, August 26 2010

We had arranged for a taxi in Plomari at 6 am to take us to Mytilini and the ferry for Chios at 8 am, but the guy never did show up. We took the bus to Mytilini, and had a leisurely breakfast, went to travel agency. Told her our sad story and asked for other sails. She looked out the window and said, the ferry is still there. She phoned. It had been delayed but was leaving in 10 minutes. She said to take a taxi. We couldn´t get one. We raced around the harbour, dragging our bags. I thought it was a useless proposition, but my son insisted. We finally got a taxi. He raced to boat. We got on at 10:45 and the ferry left, right then.

Sort of like Mamma Mia without Colin Firth. I always thought Julie Waters was saying Dofasto as she takes drink on the ferry, but it is EFFHARISTO,

I must look Greek. Everyone on ferry asking me questions in Greek. My son does look Greek, he is so tanned.

So another nice meal on the waterfront in Chios. More touristy. Our waiter sounded foreign. I asked if he was Australian. He is from New York. Bronx accent via Greece. Very cool.

I would love to see a Greek play in Athens, as I studied all that in Jr. College. I hope I can.