Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gyros and Dreams

You know you are relaxed when you dream about Steinberg's. A weird dream. Steinberg's is the old Montreal grocery store. I dreamed about the store on Queen Mary, where we shopped. As I enter there are no carts, and a woman is mad. She tells me to go find the manager to complain. I find him, a nice young man (with a Dutch aura) and he explains that he cannot add more or the store would be to crowded. Good explanation. I say thank you. See. weird dream, because it has no dream elements. Well, an old CFCF announcer was walking outside and a giant pig, or man in pig dress, was twitching on a counter, but still, so dull.

The picture above is of a fast food joint basically in my brother's back yard. This is chicken souflaki. I had two. Delicious, with sweet mustard and tsaziki. Last year, my youngest son came to Plomari with his girlfriend and he told me he 'lived on gyros' from this place, to save money. I felt sorry for him then. No more!

This place, the name is there, has a few tables on a balcony overlooking Plomari main drag and Mediterranean.

Pretty nice. I could eat there every day... but you know what would happen.

My husband, who hates the heat, loves souflaki. (He too worked at CFCF 12 in Montreal when it was on Ogilvy in Park Extension and he has carried his love of such fast food to the 'new' Papineau location, in the gay village, where you can get anything to eat.

He would love it here just for this sandwich.