Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My son´s photo of the Scottish Highlands 2010

He said he felt as if he were home on this trip. Those Nicholson genes. And Blair genes. The Blairs, Marion´s hubby, came to to Canada in mid 1800s and they settled near Quebec City.

The CBC recently ran a program on the Blairs of Quebec, revealing that the grandmother was Cree, which accounts for my husband and son's bronze tans and lack of a substantial facial hair.

Norman Nicholson of this blog Flo in the City, my novel in progress based on the letters of was hairy. How do I know? His devoted wife Margaret McLeod once let slip to a grandchild that had she known how hairy he was, she wouldn't have married him.

Hmm. Odd. Maybe she was joking. She loved him. The letters reveal this.

Inter-marriage between French and Native People's was common early on, even encouraged. I am of partial French Canadian heritage and I likely have native genes as well.

Of course, my grandmother was a Roy, perhaps a descendant of Les Filles du Roi, the prostitutes who came to Canada from France to marry. Poor women, like the women in 1910 who worked in factories during the day and worked the streets at night, as their salaries were not enough.