Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Plomari Greece They have Horses as Pets

Plomari. Bottom picture, a very old lady is being brought to church by a younger relative (most likely. In is Sunday, August 15, Assomption Day. My brother took me for a walk. You could hear the priests chanting over a loud speaker system. It was very hot of course, but this crippled up old lady wanted to go.

Plomari, I am told and I have read, is a piece of real Greece, it's on Lesvos, not like the tourist islands. And I realized this right away, last night, as I took a 40 minute taxi from Mitilini, the capital to Plomari, where my brother and his wife, who live in Denmark, have a a summer place.

On the windy way to Plomari, I passed an old old man on a donkey, who appeared non plussed by the crazy drivers passing by him, a small kid ,crunched in the the fetal position, between his parents on a motor bike. (Common, I'm told.) and my favorite, I wish I had had a camera, a beautiful horse standing on a very windy street is a town on the the way, on a windy street with NO sidewalk, and of course crazy traffic and this horse, unsaddled and without a lead or bridle, and beautifully groomed, like Man 0 War, was just standing at the door of his horse. The pose my dog takes when he's ready to come in.

Meanwhile, there are cats everywhere, with infected eyes and bloated.