Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Pale Imitation

A kitty having a snooze.

Greek Restaurants are a staple of the Montreal Restaurant scene, as I wrote at and that's the way it's been for a long time. The first Greek Restaurants were in Park Extension, the community where CFCF 12's old station was located. 405 Ogilvy Avenue. We often ate at psarotavernas in that place. At the same time,many Greek restaurants opened, especially on Prince Arthur and these became chains, Caverna Grecque, Casa Grecque, offering good value for money. I wrote many ads for such restaurants when I was a radio copywriter from 82 to 84. A joke among copywriters was ..when out of ideas..start the advert.. Step into the sunshine, at Caverna Grecque... Well, I've stepped into the sunshine all right FOR REAL at Plomari Greece, on Lesvos, where it doesn't rain in the summer.

And although I was a bit intimidated by the sound of 104 temperature, I can take it fine.

And the food, well, now I can see that the food they serve at the Montreal restos is a pale imitation of the real stuff.. but what can you do.. You can't get the ingredients in Montreal.

My brother likes a taverna called Hermes on the main drag, and from the look at it, so does everybody else. The Greek Tourists anyway. It's always packed. It's cheap too.

The other night we ate at a more 'upscale resto' which cost all of 53 dollars for the equivalent of 3 main dishes, a bottle of wine and an appetizer of something they don't sell in Montreal, fried zucchini flowers, one of the nicest things I have eaten in a long time...In Montreal they flavour the rice with chicken stock, here you can taste allspice and cumin and such. More middle eastern.

The picture above is of that resto.

Last night, at Hermes, I had fried eggplant, crispy like chips but soft in the middle, and great veggies served by a handsome young man from Albania, Vladimir, who helped me with my phrasebook Greek.

So, were I a copywriter today in Montreal, I might find it hard to conjure words in praise of the Montreal Greek Restos.. but, then, I had to fake it most times, as a copywriter.