Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Joneses Movie

My husband and I bought the movie the Joneses the other night off the satellite, but only because my brother in law had seen it and recommended it. I think I would have ignored it otherwise... And I spend so much time channel surfing to find some good movie to watch, usually ending up on Turner Classic Movies.

Unfortunately, I knew the premise beforehand, which took away some shock value at the beginning, but I had to agree with my brother in law, it was a very interesting movie, and better than that, a smart movie, a social satire that might have benefitted from a bigger budget. It had a TV feel, but that's OK.

This movie did nothing at the box office 1,000,000, so I imagine it went straight to dvd.

Too bad.

I will be happy to keep any eye on the screenwriter. Great original script. (I bet had it been made for TV it would have won an Emmy.)

Now, as it happens, I watched another episode of the Twilight Zone yesterday, Number 12 Looks Just like You. I've been watching a lot of these episodes lately, (such writing!) and I think that whoever directed the Joneses might have benefitted from immersing himself in a season or two of Twilight Zone.

What was missing in the Joneses was a sense of menace or some sense of otherworldiness..It wasn't science fiction, but it was a metaphor of sorts. At least I think so, to make the Joneses another Network or Truman Show level social satire. But the essence is in there. The "kids" are great; their characters are the edge...

Duchovny, who I like, and Moore are very good, although perhaps a bit too old for their roles. Maybe not, they have older teens. Although Moore looks 20. Which is the theme of No. 12 Looks Just Like You. Which is ironic.

Anyway, considering all the movie crap out there, made in America that is, this film is genius. Or at least an leap at it. Maybe that's the problem.