Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kids these days!

Main Street Richmond, Quebec. Google Earth.

View to the Village of Richmond, from the house that once was called Tighsolas.
Hmm. As I mentioned, the 1910 issue of the Richmond Times Guardian featured few articles, but two were extremely interesting to me, as I write Flo in the City, about a girl coming of age in the 1910 era based on the letters of http://www.tighsolas.ca/.

One was about the young men, who were making 'goo goo eyes' at the girls all over town- and even at church. Well, of course, church was a good enough place as any to go 'a courtin' and I mention that in my first chapter of Flo in the City.

Indeed, with the advent of the motion picture, the church lost that appeal.

Goo goo eyes must have been the local expression
for Norman Nicholson uses the phrase in a letter.

Well, if the men of Richmond were throwing themselves shamelessly at the girls of Richmond, this was lost on the girls. Another tongue in cheek article in the same paper claims that men are extraordinarly picky when it comes to women.

In a story entitled What A Man Wants: He wants a woman 'with a head stored with all the intellectual wisdom of the ages, but she must never get the idea that hubby hasn't the superior intellect and doesn't know everything.

She must dress in the latest fashion but must never spend any money in so doing.
She must be interesting, elusive, gay, of a deep religious nature, lively, modest, retiring, self sacrificing, brilliant, fascinating, a lover of home and fireside, prefering the society of her husband to anything..."

Gee, there's a contradiction here.
Still, this is a repeating theme in my novel, how women's love of fashion is held against them. See the recent blog about Professor MacPhail of McGill, who had contempt for women's perceived vanity it seems. He wanted a wife just like dear old mom, I guess.
Funny, I just saw a March of Time (Turner Classic Movies) from the immediate post WWII era that applauded women's obsesssion with beauty big time. Spending millions and millions on wanting to look good (for Dad returning from war) was a good and patriotic thing. This was one weird March of Time.
Ahh. Consumerism....