Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to have THE TALK

About the P word. Purity. The advert above is from the back of Marion's 1912 Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Wales' jams made in Newton Centre Mass. I chose this ad from the others because there was a Newton Centre connection to Tighsolas. Henry Watters, the doctor, and nephew to Norman, had a practice there.

Wales is a prominent merchant, philanthropist from Richmond, Quebec. Could this Wales be related? Maybe.
Anyway. The preserves are ABSOLUTELY PURE.

Virtually every product advertised in the back of this cookbook claims to be PURE.

Lowney's chocolat bonbons. Every ATOM of them is PURE.

The aristocrat of olive oil. Micelli's. Recommended and used by Miss Fannie Merritt Farmer and many others interested in PURE FOOD

and on and on. Ivory Soap, the book has an add for that product, is the one 1910 product that has survived until today with its PURITY label intact.

Ok. So I've decided to bake some of the recipes from Marion's 1912 cook book. The recipes she's ticked with a pencil.

I don't want to be redundant:to copy the Julia and Julia blog. The one that was turned into such a great movie. (I love Meryl Streep's recent films. The Altman one, Prairie Home Companion; Mamma Mia; and Julia and Julia. Fantastic!!! )

But I hanker to make breads, by hand. Not by machine. Scones, maybe. They are so Scottish. But there is only one scone recipe in this book. Scones are called baking powder biscuits. Hmm. My mom, who was French Canadian, made baking powder biscuits. YUM.

I have some of my MOM's favourite recipes on cards I typed for her in 1972, after taking typing in 9th grade. Mint Chocolate Cake and Southern Fried Chicken are of special interest. I made many friends due to these recipes. You know, these recipes are surprisingly simple. Just a few ingredients. But my son, who works at a high end resto (part time as a student) in Ottawa tells me that many of their recipes are deceptively SIMPLE. It's the quality of ingredients and cooking techniques that count.

My son also thinks bread making machines are great. But I want to feel my knuckles pounding the d0ugh. And I want to eat the scones, buttery and warm.

Very primal.