Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Town with a View

The old Melbourne General Store, in the 1910 era, now Resto-Cafe Banc de Marguerite.1 Ave. Melbourne Sud. Richmond QC.

My husband and I made a pilgimage to Richmond, Quebec today, as it was a bright and sunny October Sunday, with the leaves on the trees just beginning to turn.

Maybe the fall colours hadn't peaked, but the views were sumptuous anyway.

We drove by Tighsolas, as we always do, although that house has long been out of the family. Since about 1980.
And then we took the St. Francis Bridge and discovered this restaurant right as you reach the Melbourne side. What a beautiful heritage building!

We found it to be lovely place, inside, too, with rustic decor and a touch of stained glass, and gourmet breakfasts being served at this particular time.

The chef, Martin Laverdiere came out to tell me about the provenance of the building. The restaurant,itself, has been around a while, he told me, but business has been picking up, in the past 3 years.

The brunches are a weekend ritual for many area locals, and people as far as Drummondville. Hundreds are served.

The Richmond, Melbourne, Windsor Mills area is very beautiful, especially at this time of year, but economically depressed, so I was glad to hear it.

On this trip, especially, I could see why Marion and Edith would return to Richmond from the exciting but smelly and very noisy city every chance they got. I suspect the landscape looked back then much like it does today. As beautiful, as, ahhh, the back of a two dollar bill.

Yes, the old orange Canadian two dollar bill had a picture of the view from Richmond, or Melbourne. I took this picture from the top of Road where St. Andrew's Cemetery is, where the Nicholsons, Henry Watters, Popes and Ewings and other locals, including the Ignatieffs, are laid to rest. In essence, it's the burial place of my husband's tribe, so to speak.

As beautiful as a two dollar bill. The View from the top of the hill.

Oh, and at the Cafe the placemats had a map of the area and Kingsbury, where Margaret was born, was indicated on this map. I was so surprised. In 2006 my husband and I tried to find Kingsbury, we asked everyone, and had no luck at all.

So, upon returning home, I looked for Kingsbury on Google Earth, not expecting anything, and found the place. Also Flodden and Gore, where Norman's people lived. Imagine. There's not much at these locales, but they are, at least, 'on the map' - and the most important map of all, Google Earth.