Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Quartets

Here is a picture from 1904, Nicholson collection. The Quartet. Maybe the Peppler girls.

The Canadian Education Association publishes a magazine, called Education Canada with articles dealing with a wide range of issues in the field.

In 2008, I was asked to write 4 essays for the Back of the Magazine feature and for three of them, I chose Tighsolas themes.

Lately, the CEA has posted them online.

A Not So Distant Mirror is about Marion Nicholson teaching in the inner city in 1912

Back to the Future- All Over Again, is about Flora and the Macdonald-Robertson Movement


A Cautionary Tale is about Margaret's BIG HAT.

YouTube and Yams (about my Malayan grandmother) and Back to the Future can be found at this URL

A Not So Distant Mirror is here:

A Cautionary Tale is here

A blog is just a first draft, or sometimes a mere stream of ideas. I had to shape these articles into something more than that (I like writing essays) and then an Editor looked them over. They were lightly edited, although not a word was changed for A Cautionary Tale.