Monday, November 1, 2010

Titanic Ironies

Tea Party. Except these people are Progressives, although also very religious. That's the way it could be in 1910.Threshold Girl is a free ebook about a Canadian family in 1911/12, based on family letters- with quite a few observations about the Titanic. "Too bad about that boat accident," writes Norman, the family patriarch. "So many good men to go down. But they will be replaced in no time." Hmm. Wise man, this Norman Nicholson.

I just got a cool email. It's from the History of the World in 100 Objects moderators, who have accepted a Nicholson 'artefact' for inclusion on their BBC Radio 4 website.

It's the Grand Trunk Railway ticket Norman Nicholson took in early April 1912, to attend his brother in law's funeral in Richmond. Ironically, the President of the Grand Trunk was Charles Hays, an American, who would die on the Titanic a few days later. Edith attended the man's funeral and told her Dad about it in a letter. He then writes to his wife:
"Edith thinks its fine out there (in Ste Anne de Bellevue, where she is out visiting sister Flora) said the grounds and walks were nice and dry she was giving the news of the service held in the American Presbyterian Church eulogizing Hays' loss to the Church and City. I have seen so much about the accident in the papers that I got sick reading it - there are so many conflicting statements that it's hard to believe any of them."

The History of the World Website page right now is showcasing a few other submissions from BBC Radio Four listeners: one a kodak brownie camera from 1916, likely similar to the one the Nicholsons bought for 5.00 and used to take the picture above.

Another irony: I just found an article from the Canadian Magazine April 1912, about the dangers of North Atlantic icebergs. This was published right before the sinking of the Titanic.