Friday, February 11, 2011

Car Trip to the City! 1911

Near Racine. The E.T. is a hilly place.

This scene is in Threshold Girl a ebook on kindle...

"As you will see by the address, I am in Montreal. I came in with Dr. and Mrs. Skinner in the motor Friday. Left home at 10 am and got to Waterloo at 12.30 had dinner. Saw all we could of the town and left at 2 for Montreal, got here at quarter past six. Without one break down. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it.

I will name the places we passed through so you will know the country we passed through. Melbourne, Flodden, Racine, Sawyerville, Warden, Waterloo, Granby, Abbotsford, St Caesar, Rougemont, Marieville, Chambly, Longueil, St. Lambert, Pointe St Charles.
Don't you think I was a very fortunate girl to have such a trip?

We are taking Grace Cross home with us. Have not yet decided whether we shall all go Monday or Tuesday.

Marion Samson was out at Hudson with the Fields' for the week end so I am staying with Marion. We have had a fine time. Sat morning we went shopping. Had lunch in town.

Went to the theatre in the afternoon. Then to tea at Dr. Cleveland's. Got home here about eight and then Dr. S took us out for a ride. Were out until 10. It is beautiful riding on the paved streets. "

The Route Edith took in June, 1911 from Waterloo. Richmond is top right corner.

Well, as I have written, the speed limit in the city was 8 miles an hour and in the country 15 miles an hour. They were 6 and 3/4 hours on the road.

Norman wrote in an earlier letter that it was 73 miles to Montreal, but I wonder if he means by rail. I traced the route on Google Maps and I think it's 151 kilometers or 94 miles.

Now, if you take 6 hours and 45 minutes to go 94 miles your average speed is, let me figure it out...about 14 miles an hour, about the speed limit!!

I think I will re-trace that route in the Spring. The E.T. is one hilly place, so they went up and down hills, that's for sure.

44 letters from 100 years ago, and the 'car' or the auto as they called it back then, is the definite star.

This is definitely Marion with a couple. I think the Montgomerys. Why? Well, Marion wrote in a letter that she met the couple on the street in Montreal and that they were buying a car. Margaret also wrote about that Mr's decision to buy a car. And, according to the 1911 Census, Mr. Montgomery is around 40. Looks right.

This means the white haired buy with the whiskers driving the car in the other picture I have is Dr. Skinner! So I can see what car they used to drive to Montreal. Not steam and not electric; well, I could have guessed that.

See Marion's caperon?.. that dead rodent hanging on her shoulders. Very fashionable in 1910. Kind of disgusting when you found one that belonged to an ancient aunt in the closet, all mangy, smelly with dessicated eyeballs.
The Canadian Motor Company was on Atwater Street, in the place where the Old Forum was, and that now houses AMC Cinemas.