Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Census is Amazing!

This 1911 Census, online, is proving so helpful!

I was wondering if Marion Nicholson ever got enumerated, she wasn't put down as living at Tighsolas June 1911. (The emumerator made that decision.)

I know she lived on Tupper, in 1911, but it's hard to find streets on the online Census.

But as I edit the Nicholson Family Saga (volume 1) letters, I am checking up on people mentioned in the letters. I looked up Grace Cross and EUREKA. She lives with her mom and sister at 3 Tupper in 1911. (She lived in Richmond in 1901) She is in sales "dry goods" and makes a paltry 200 a year. And right next door is a Mrs. Louise Ellis, 43, Irish Presbyterian.

The famous Mrs. Ellis!
Mrs. Ellis is the HEAD of the family (why she has to take in boarders) She has a son, 21, who is a clerk in sales and makes 300. a year. He is listed as a Roman Catholic. (Husband must have been Irish Catholic.)
She has two boarders listed, an Eileen Chisholm, 26, Mamie Higgins, 23. Chisholm is a nurse in training pulling in $500 a year and Higgins is a stenographer, making $480.
No Marion Nicholson, 27, teacher making 650. But,then, as a teacher, she went home for the summer.
So the Census missed a lot of citizens, and not only the itinerants, like Herbert Nicholson.

But this little bit of info also underscores how DIFFICULT it was for young women to find lodgings in the big bad city without having any friends or connections.

And then I had another epiphany, rather late in coming, that Dr. Henry Watters is May's brother. (That's why he is so nice to her.) Why I didn't figure this out earlier, I don't know. It's because he is so much older. (Ten years older, born in 1880.)I figured he was a cousin..There was a William Watters, a bit younger than Henry who died, (so many many deaths). I have the obituary in the Nicholson collection. I'm not sure when, though. Wait! yes, I am sure. Thanks to the Census. He was born in 1888.. he died at 22...1910 or 1911!

So that's the William who dies in the letters!!
This Census Information is AMAZING.

In 1911 the Watters family (listed as Waters) live in Kingsbury.

In 1901 they live in the Gore and Henry is with them. And AGAIN their name is misspelled WATERS.
If they misspelled names like Waters on the census, imagine how they misspelled more foreign sounding names!