Thursday, February 10, 2011

Qu'appelle Snapshot

Winnipeg, 1910. Herbert's favourite Western City.

Why did I assume Herbert Nicholon wasn't enumerated on the 1911 Census? He was.

I instantly found him in a Qu'appelle Saskatchewan boarding house.

There are at least 8 other boarders in this place, 7 men, one woman, all in their mid to late twenties, with one guy 32.

The woman is a stenographer at a law office. Like Herbert, she is a Canadian born Scotch Canadian Presbyterian. 3 of the other men are Canadian born, one of these in an English Anglican.

Four of the men are 'new Canadians' arriving around 1905. Two from England, one from Scotland and one from Germany. He's a Lutheran.

Herbert lists himself as an accountant. Four other boarders are salesman, but they work in stores, 3 general stores one drug store..and the other boarder is a ledger something, which sounds like a clerk. And one of the men is a bartender!

The owner of the place is Welsh Canadian and he is a teacher at a public school. He and his wife are Baptists.


On the same page, there is a Hungarian Canadian waitress, she has been in Canada since 1903. Also a German Russian waitress, who has been in Canada since 1908. 3 other Hungarians working as Cook and Waitresses.

All the rest are Canadians of UK Origin.

The Stenographer is making 500 a year. Two of the salespeople 850. and the other one making 1000! A huge salary by Eastern standards, but everything is so expensive there, as Herb writes.

Herb lists his salary as 800. (I have to check what he told his parents he was making. Hmmm. Let's see if I catch him in a lie! No he didn't. But he soon quit his accountant job at the bank to work on commission for Massey Harris. In this job, he devised schemes to rip off the farmers - to make extra money. What a nice guy!)

The teacher, a man, makes 1300.

Double WOW!

Now, I have to wonder why the Montreal Council of Women told the Royal Commission that stenography was high paying and that some stenographers make up to 1200. a year. (A stenographer was a catch all phrase for office worker with typing skills. ) I have just found two stenographers, one in MOntreal, one out West and they make about $500, less than a newly graduated teacher with diploma.