Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes, Rosie, there are English Quebeckers

My husband taped an edition of Who Do You Think Your Are, because it featured Rosie O'Donnell who traced an ancestor back to 1860's Montreal.

Irish Catholic, baptised in Notre Dame Cathedral (where the first stained glass window was co-sponsored by my grandfather, Jules Crepeau.)

Rosie visited the Bibliotheque National and the National Archives on Viger, the same place I visited to find the dossier of what remains of the National Council of Women documents from the 1912 era.

Unlike me, she found someone to help her who spoke English :)

Rosie's ancestor was a Murtaugh from Ireland and she found all this out she joked "I guess that makes me part French Canadian."

Just a joke, but it goes to show you how NO ONE understands that there were a lot of English Canadians in Montreal in the 19th and 20 th century and not all Rich Westmount Scots, and that there are STILL anglos in Quebec.

Rosie's ancestor was a day-worker or journalier as it was usually written. As I've blogged about recently, that was a very common 'profession.'

And this is believed despite that many Quebec born anglos went on to work in Hollywood. Mack Sennett, (Sinnott) from Richmond, Quebec being one them.

Norma Shearer from Westmount. Glenn Ford (Quebec, City). Let me check IMDB. Colleen Dewhurst, Ruta Lee, Ben Blue, Leonard Cohen (but of course), etc, etc. Oscar Peterson, Mort Sahl, the guy who wrote Hertzog (name temporarily escapes me, from Lachine and Vanessa Lengies, the young actress who went to high school with my son and the other contemporary actress from 24.. she's from south shore.)

Anyway, I really like Rosie, causes she's smart. And this was otherwise, an interesting program, especially for people who like genealogy.