Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Albert Einstein 1936, public and private views

Famous AP Photo of Albert Einstein at play.

Not so famous snapshot taken by Marion Blair, of Albert Einstein
and the AP photographer either setting up or closing down the shot.

This family snapshot was taken by Marion Blair (later Wells) my mother in law, the daughter of Marion Nicholson Blair and Hugh Blair, and Norman and Margaret's granddaughter.

 The Nicholson women, of Furies Cross the Mersey for all of their strength of character were, well, concerned with their appearance. My mother in law was no different.

 The story goes that my mother in law and a companion were strolling near this pier when they spotted these two men. "Oh, what messy hair," my mother in law exclaimed, seeing the famous scientist. "Who is that man?" "It is Professor Einstein," her companion stated with reverence in his voice.

Thanks to the Internet, I know EXACTLY what is going on in the picture, for there is a 'famous' AP picture of "Einstein at play" with the icon looking through the ropes of a sail boat, taken on this day. Hmm. This picture was set up.

My mother in law caught Einstein and the photographer either setting up for the shot or closing down. All she wrote on the back of the photo: Saranac Lake, 1936.