Monday, March 14, 2011

New Tighsolas Website

I finally have received the template for my new and improved website. I commissioned a young man with a doctorate in history to do it.

My old website is designed in 'spaghetti' fashion, all over the place. Yet it still gets a load of visitors and many teachers use it.

I created that website in 2005 right off the top of my head and then added and added and added pages.

My new website, which I will post on is orderly and self-contained and will have a search capacity. (It irks me when I see people come to my website looking for something that is RIGHT THERE, but they don't find it.)

Job one is to create collages for the top of the pages and that will take a surge of creativity on my part. I can do it, but I have to be in the right mood.

I like the idea of using lace and pictures and letters, like above,... at least for the homepage..

And I think I will edit the letters down to make them readable.. I've already started this process on the 1911 letters... I will also annotate when necessary. (In 2005, I didn't know enough to be able to annotate, but now I do.)

The young scholar I hired told me what other, more established historians have told me: that the Nicholson Family Letters are something rare and precious.

"Having 50 letters would be good for historians, " he told me. I have 300 from the 1908-1913 era alone, and about 1000 between 1887 and 1936.

I hope to make this new more kid friendly and to integrate the material in the letters with the background information about the era, the fashions, transportation, education, immigration, Westward Ho, etc. The new website's designer has provided a way for me to do this.

http://www.tighsolas/. ca contains the letters from 1908-1913, when the Nicholson family of Richmond, Quebec was separated by the need to find work.

That era was a pivotal one... in that so many changes happened at just that time.

When I first transcribed and posted the letters online, I used eBay to purchase era magazines for background and I posted some fun articles. They are all in the public domain. But in the following years, a great deal of Canadian material from 1910 came online and I've been writing about it on this Flo in the City Blog. (That's why I have to focus on the material in the letters for this new website. These days, it's the letters that are the unique aspect of Tighsolas. The background info is available elsewhere.)

So my new website will be very Canadian and will focus on an area of investigation given short shrift by historians, The Canadian suffrage movement..or lack of same. And not from the Famous Five point of view... from a new Montreal point of view.

I am also going to focus on the place where 'education and immigration' intersects. I've written an awful lot about this on this blog...

The Nicholson Girls got jobs in 1910 because so many new Canadians were coming to Montreal.

I want my website to be the best genealogy website ever...