Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Happens in Montmartre...

The Moulin Rouge from a 1900 tour guide to the French Exposition aimed at Americans. I'm confused.

I was taking a tour of and downloaded two documents about the French Exposition; one aimed at the French public, one at Americans. The pamphlet for Americans also listed other things to do while in Paris and le Moulin Rouge in Montmartre was there.

I always thought that, at the turn of the last century, the Moulin Rouge was still a brothel of sorts and Bohemian Haunt and not a touristy place. But it was a touristy place. The author made the observation that tourists who wouldn't be caught dead in similar places in their own countries, frequent the Moulin Rouge. Their slogan no doubt: What happens in Montmartre, stays in Montmartre. Or Ce qui ce passe a Montmartre, Reste a Montmartre

I guess that's why I found a MOULIN ROUGE REVIEW in 1897 in Montreal. I know that Picasso moved his studios to Montmartre in 1907, so I assumed that place was still cheap and tawdry. Must check out the dates of Toulouse Lautrec.

Well, anyway, the Guide to L'Exposition was quite complete (reminding me of similar newspaper features for Expo 67)and it showcased the art work there and it was all 'old fashioned' Turners and such. So no Toulouse Lautrecs.

I just read a bio of Cezanne and if I recall correctly, the 1900 Salon refused all impressionists except maybe Manet. Again, I can't recall the details.

Well, Wikipedia says Latrec moved to Montmartre in the 1880's and that he was commissioned to create posters for the new cabaret in 1889, when it opened. But the same article posts a quote from a patron in 1906 that says naked female body parts were flung all over him. So it was tawdry and boho. Well, well.

Le Magazin de mode exhibit French Expo 1900

Art nouveau Lalique fence in Exhibit. I'll take that! I read in a Canadian magazine of the era that Canada's pavilion featured a lot of wood and apples and maple syrup. Such a surprise. In my next life I will become an academic and study Exposition History.Or I'll becaome a Can Can Dancer.