Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BBC Radio Four 4 Extra

I just discovered Radio Four extra (it's new) and I listened to a much fun omnibus of the Ottley's, which featured Colin's brother Jonathan Firth. I told my hubby, "I got a gift from Heaven, older BBC Four stories."
I guess he was happy for me.

It all sounds a bit like BBC Radio 7.

The Ottley's was wonderful and took place in the Tighsolas Era. 1908-1912. I am enthralled with BBC radio FOUR (4) and pray to heaven that they won't take it away, or offer it for pay. I'd be happy to pay. I'm one of the few Canadians who signed up to pay for the New York Times. I understand we won't have any REAL journalism unless we do so.

I see they are re-running Fortunes of War. I enjoyed that mini series so much I bought the original with Emma Thompson. The BBC four edition was TERRIFIC. It blew me away. So was the Emma Thompson version. I lent it around. I spread the wealth. Such pleasure at my fingertips!