Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hats and the Royal Wedding -My Take

Princess Beatrice.

I watched only a bit of the RW live and then a 1/2 recap on BBC which was all I needed.

Today, I'm reading in the Guardian that most guests were Tories and that the TV Coverage discreetly avoided showing any of the 'iffy' guests and when it doubt, they panned to Princess Beatrice.

I can see why. What a great hat! It's like she said, "Gran, if you are going to make me wear a hat, I'll wear a.. well."

I perused the hat fashions, since that's what I am interested in, from a Tighsolas point of view. It seems most guests got away with wearing headpieces, floral sculptures and all different but similar in a way. Society people do that well. (It also seems the wives of the very powerful are seriously hard-bodied and like to wear sheaths to show of their efforts.)

Summer Whatever, the Pointe Claire Girl was suitable Royal, as in Unimpressive. I think. Metallic coat, looked huge.

Princess Anne, who never was pretty -and lucky for her - wore a wonderful ensemble in purple, a little too young for her. But who cares.

And the best traditional hat goes to Camilla, large tasteful and it suited her.

The Queen looked old and 'cute' in too much yellow.

All my personal opinion as a hat connoisseur... hat historian, who never wears one, although I may have to start. My skin seems to hate the sun lately. My olive, Mediterrean skin. I guess all that abuse over the years.

And Kate seemed natural, herself, at ease in her 'little dress' which is interesting. Especially now since she will set the standard for all these other society women.

I liked the way the couple glanced at each other, now and then, sending themselves little private messages in a very public forum.

Maybe it will work, after all.