Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The King is Dead, Long Live the King.

A monkey and Ma Mere, Old Orchard Beach Maine, probably 1925, as my mother there is about 3, I'd say. My grandfather, Jules Crepeau, was in is professional prime, Director of Services, for Montreal.

The roarin' twenties.

I've finished off the 2nd series of Upstairs Downstairs and I seem to recall the final scene on the balcony when the King Edward VII dies. And I've ordered the next set which will only arrive end of May.
May 1910 was when Edward VII left this realm.

I know, not because I looked it up on the Net. Years ago, when I first found the Nicholson letters, I travelled to McGill to check out the Gazette and Montreal Star newspaper archives.

I was looking for news about a fire in a hotel in Cornwall, because Edith's 'fiance' died in one.

I think I found a notice, but most of the newspaper was taken up by news of the King's death - and about the Horse Show.

I was woefully ignorant about the Kings and Queens of England, although I took British History in school, as we all did. And passed.

I didn't like or dislike history class.

But I didn't take a history course in College, except for History of Art.

Now, I realize everything is history, except, perhaps, Science Fiction and Math.
(My father, an Oxford taught mathematician, said 'everything is mathematics.' )

Anyway, the royal nuptials are coming up. Soon. But so is an election, which is actually getting exciting toward the end. And Vancouver made the next round in the playoffs and Montreal will, if the team wins tonight. (They've closed the street around the Molson Center to traffic, in the case of ahh..either case, I guess.)

Who has time for Royal Nuptials. And no Royal will look handsome now that Colin Firth has played George VI. Not to me anyway.

Good luck to Will and Kate (sounds like a sitcom). Good luck to any newlywed couple about to live their life under the microscope.

I'm very happy, because I'm working on the DEFINITIVE draft of Flo in the City. I'm not posting it as I hope to get it published in hard copy form. I then have plans to make a sequel using Marion's life and then Edith's..all covering the same 1911-1913 period.