Friday, April 29, 2011

William and Kate - the Balcony Kiss

It was short wasn't it? This is a live shot as it happened.

Anyway, I got up late and I'm catching up on the Royal Wedding.

I've decided to watch CTV but turn off the commentary.

Tracey Ullman, I think it was her, looked funny in a kind of diaphanous rat's nest on her head, making fun of the hats.

This Flo in the City story is all about hats, because hats meant something in 1910. They represented class.

Now hats are only worn by members of the Royal Family and the hoi poloi at Royal Weddings. I met someone who was invited to the wedding of Anne's son, Summer Whatever, from Pointe Claire Quebec and she had a long list of fashion dos and dont's for that wedding and hats had to be worn.

As I watched the footage, I realized something. Most hats don't look good and most people don't look good in hats.

So back in the Tighsolas era with those huge hats, most women must have looked ludicrous.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, does look good in a hat. It is a pre-requisite.

Will hats come back into style?

No, they will not.

That is until actresses on the Red Carpet start wearing hats and they will not. Their hair stylists want all the attention.