Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Endless Possibilities

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a National Film Board Interactive 'film' no, digital documentary, digital book, or whatever, called Welcome to Pine Point, about the death of a mining town in Northern Canada..

Interesting use of media, 'low tech' too. Any kid could do it.

I thought if I could get my creative energy up I might try to turn my story, The Quilt, into a digital book type thingy.

You can make very complex slide show art forms these days. The picture above is a still from an old Super 8 film my Aunt Flo took that my husband transferred to video tape and then DVD and yesterday I re-discovered it and played it in my computer and captured a still of me and my father walking in the water at Ste. Marthe Sur la Lac and I played it in a slide show and then played the slide show on the Big Screen and well, the possiblities are endless, I think, for storytelling.

Like that box of Black Magic chocolates. Gee, I actually have a still photo from 1954, the year of my birth, with a box of Black Magic photos on the mantlepiece at my Aunt Cecile's house (I think it is.)

Unfortunately, not many photos of my childhood in Labrador still exist. We had tonnes at one time. So I'd have to get creative, but creativity thrives within limits. Maybe if I had albums full of pictures from that era, my digital story would be prosaic, boring.