Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fiddling with Images

My husband and me in 1958. Both playing in the sand, but not together. Not yet.

I fiddled with some Super 8, on DVD. I am told that originally Super 8 movies were extremely clear, but the ones I have of me are somewhat faded. My Aunt Flo took them. My husband has some, taken by cousins, that are clearer. They were stored in a better place, I guess.

Funny, my husband and I have quite a lot of video of our kids when younger, but none when older, as in their teens. They stopped being cute and just got annoying!

I dressed up the picture of Marion in her white dress, surrounding her in red with Corel, and printed it out on glossy paper and put it on the wall in the dining room. (I'm redecorating a bit and felt the room needed a note of colour. Then I forgot to save the picture on my computer. Oh, well.

I like this picture, which I originallly I scanned from the Nicholson Album and turned it into an "Impressionst Print" in Photoshop.

Now this picture of Marion was from scnned from a teeny tiny, say 2 inch by 1 inch photo and she was just sitting in the corner of the frame. Hardly noticeable. It was a tea party photo.

So an obscure little image, taken around 1910, by a Kodak camera purchased in 1895 or around (forgot the date) and hidden in an old album in a drawer for decades is now the main image, or iconic image of my Tighsolas website. And it's on my dining room wall. I like it best of all the Tighsolas photos.

There she is in the photo in the upper right hand corner.

I wonder what my great grandchildren will be able to do with my image. Probably make it come alive, in 3-D or a hologram.

No doubt actually. I just wonder if they'll bother.

If I were an actor today, I'd be having my descendants sign contracts to keep them from selling my image for commercial purposes.