Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally, Isadora on DVD!

Isadora Wikipedia Creative Commons

Good things come to those who wait. I was kicking around BBC Four and saw a promo for the Film Programme that said they would be discussing the 1968 film Isadora.

Ha, I thought. It must be coming out on DVD. About time. I was right! It's already out in the UK.

I read a bio of Isadora Duncan, say 6 years ago and I have been trying to see the film ever since.

It was only available on second hand VHS.

Well, it appears the screen writer was Melvyn Bragg, the In our Time guy. So that's what he did before the brainiac business.

I ordered it. I hope I get it soon. Sometimes I get things in a day or two, sometimes it takes longer.

I didn't see the film in 1968 and I am not if I saw it after that, say at school. Say in reperatory.

Melvyn Bragg says Isadora is as much about the 60's as about the 20's.

So now I really can't wait.