Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flora Sophia, Anne Shirley, Kate Middleton

A few posts ago I commented on a website that deemed my www.tighsolas.ca website to be worth a booming 11 dollars. This site said so few visitors came to my site that it was not worth noting.

But I riposted that the visitors to my website, (three times what they cited) were mostly high school students, mostly from Canada, most from BC and Ontario, but also College Students, British Students, American students, and some from every province in Canada.

And I also mentioned that they ALMOST ALWAYS find what they are looking for. The list above is random, and except for search term "the meaning of apocalypse" www.tighsolas.ca has the answers to these queries.

The writer, continuity, is ME. I did that once and it is posted on my C.V.

So there you go.

I also notice that more hits from BC for my story Looking for Mrs. Peel on PDF at www.tighsolas.ca/page3.pdf.pdf

That pleases me. My story is about my grandmother's experiences at Changi, in Singapore, where she was tortured in an infamous incident.

But it's also about 1967 Canada, and about grandmothers/granddaughters and inter-generational tension.

This is a story that should appeal to all Canadians, but especially for Canadians of Asian origin, Chinese, Japanese, and South Asians too.

Maybe it will become a Canadian bestseller or the best selling e-book on the Net.

It's a radio play really, (because I love BBC Radio Four radio plays and I was hoping to get it produced, as I once was a radio writer) but a Canadian publisher has asked to see a narrative prose version.

(But first I have to Finish Flo in the City).

Malaya was one of the world's first multicultural societies - and my story touches upon that too.

Ps. I see that His and Her Royal Highnesses William and Kate are going to visit P.E.I on their Canadian visit because Kate Middleton is a fan of Anne of Green Gables. She'll like it there. She's a natural unaffected beauty and PEI has a lot of natural unaffected beauty.

Anne of Green Gables was published in 1908, by a Boston Publisher, and a while I back I thought about figuring a way to put that in my story of Flo in the City, because Flora visited Boston in 1908 and Anne of Avonlea was serialized in the Montreal Gazette in 1910 or 1911. I saw it there in the archives.