Monday, May 9, 2011

Headline News Abuse

In 1910 in Canada it was the Wheat Boom Era. And the new wheat crop in the Western Provinces was signficantly changing Canada and its relationship with the US and world

Simply put, "Wheat" is a character in Flo in the City.

The Nicholsons paid about 5.00 a barrel for wheat flour which was A LOT, all considered. They did not seem to be benefitting directly from this boom. I'm not 100 percent why, but I suspect that the wheat was being sold to Europe.

Anyway, I've been reading analyses of the recent 2011 election and these are all over the board...but no commentator (until now) has suggested that rising food prices in Quebec had anything to do with the NDP win.

All I know is that my food costs have taken off and I have to seriously reconsider what I eat, and that's despite the fact I am an empty nester.

Now, yesterday, I wrote about bit about breastfeeding and the newsmedia.

I wrote how GOOGLE headlines tend to distort the news, especially the scientific studies they herald. That scientific findings are being spun out of control...or being controlled by 'spin' more aptly put.

Here's another example, related to wheat. A study has come out (an American one out of Stanford (of the Stanford-Binet intelligence test ;) saying that global warming has contributed to the fact that world grain yields are down 5 percent. This trend, scientists say, has not reached North America. This cannot be good news.

So the Canadian Press's headline: Study Finds that Canadian Farmers could benefit from Climate Change. And it is the lead and only visible headline on the topic on Google news Canada this morning. (Earlier, you could see two other headlines with it.)

If you click on 'other stories' you get: Cereal Killer: Global Warmer Stunts Growth of Global Crop Yield (Scientific American);Climate Shifts hit wheat yields (BBC);Climate Change Killing Crops but not in Canada (Study) Sun News; Report: Global Warming already crimping crops, pushing prices higher (Washington Post) etc.

A dangerous headline by the Canadian Press, I'd say. Especially since that's all some Canadians will see. Reminds me of the Monty Python skit "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

The world media picked up this story, but somehow failed to see 'the upside' to this story.

Sure, they may, in the short term, be able to sell wheat at higher prices, but rising global grain prices is BAD NEWS for everyone.

And this article does not suggest that Canadian CITIZENS will benefit from this. Although the article omits the obvious, that our food prices will go up too, regardless.

Just like the Nicholsons of Tighsolas 1911, we won't be benefitting from this particular gloomy wheatboom.