Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marion's Image Makeover

So, I rescanned the image of Marion in her white dress taking tea and fiddled a bit in Corel.

Why do I like this image: well, it signifies to me the essence of Tighsolas: a group of middle class women aspiring to higher things.

But they were not above hard work either. Indeed, this image of Marion is misleading.

She was about as active a person as could be. She died at 60 because she was plain burned out.

She was the only one who didn't complain about her lot, she just got down to business.

When I finish Flo in the City, I will write Marion's Choice, which will center on her life in 1911-1913, her work as a teacher, her courtship and her support of her family, Flo and everyone else.

It will be the Tighsolas Saga from her point of view. And the BIG Back Story will be the immigration and eugenics movements. Marion was the one who in 1905, while at McGill Normal School saw Booker T. Washington speak. She also attends a speech by the first Chinese graduate of McGill.

She also went to see Harry Lauder and to Dominion Park with her beau, Mr. Blair.
In my story, she sees a strongman wrestling snakes there as is a bit, how should we say, 'moved.'