Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweetgrass and Tulips.

French Toast and Sausage from the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Cafe in Ottawa.

My husband and I visited my son and his girlfriend in Ottawa, the final weekend of the Tulip Festival and tried out yet another brunch spot, across the street from the Resto he works at and right beside the bistro we visited last time for brunch.

This place wasn't too busy (there are SO MANY restos in that area) but it had a wonderfully tasty and unusual brunch! And the supper menu seemed most interesting too! Elk!!

And then we went to Parliament Hill.

It's been decades (well, about 40 years) since I've visited Ottawa at Tulip Time. My father often took me and if I recall, in those days, the tulips WERE the festival, now the festival has some tulips.

But I love tulips. They are my favorite flower and I suspect my childhood visits to Ottawa are one reason why.

The other reason: there was, back in 1964, but ONE solitary house on my street, Coolbrook, with any flowers at all in front and that house (somewhere between Isabella and Queen Mary) had a front lawn engulfed in flowers of all kinds, all spring and summer long.

One day in early May it snowed and I recall walking past the place and there was a 5 inch blanket of slow on top of a row of blood red tulips. (Alas, tulips were simpler in those days, yellow or red.) It was like FIRE AND ICE.

Anyway, I have not worked on Flo in the City these last few days. But I have noticed that many Canadians are downloading my PDF of Looking for Mrs. Peel. This is new. I have had lots of downloads from Europe, from the Netherlands and Germany the most, and a good deal from Singapore, of course. And from Russia. (I think they must like the Cold War part.)

But for some reason, last week, many many Canadians, from BC to New Brunswick downloaded the pdf.

Maybe I should get to work on that narrative prose version that the Publishing House was interested in.