Friday, June 24, 2011


Marion Nicholson Blair in 1939.. 55 years old.

This is a nice portrait of Marion, five years before she died.

I have not been able able to find that Food and Cookery from 1911, or my Delineator or Pictorial Review, but I did find Le Salon de la Mode from July 1911, which I may somehow stick into my story.

Yesterday, I listend to an Afternoon Play on BBC Radio Four called A Terrible Beauty, about the deep friendship between Maude Gonn and W. B Yeats.

I guess you can call it a docu drama, in that the play tried to fill us in on the history while telling a bit of a story.... That's sort of what I want to do with Flora in the City (or Threshold Girl.)..

This play made Yeats seem like a bit of a middle aged fool. Alas.