Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ste. Anne de Bellevue 1910

This picture is on Flickr Creative Commons from McCord Museum collection and it is also in a brochure of the Ste. Anne Museum I visited today. St. Anne circa 1910, at the locks.

The museum has just opened and is in a heritage house, not far from Peter's Cape Cod or this lock.

Anyway, in my Flora in the City story, first draft, I have Flora and Margaret and Marion visiting the locks.

Margaret came down for the graduation and I assume they did more than the ceremony.

I'm also looking up the Report of the Commissioners of the Royal Commission. ^ years ago I had to go to McGill to find it, now it is online.

And I also found an interesting Gazette article about a riot during the Free Trade Election. Maybe I'll stick that in.

And here's a great picture!

I am going back to visit the museum and talk to the curator and look at old pictures so I can better describe St. Anne.

Flora walks to Fort Senneville, but that ruin now is inaccessible, as it is on private property.