Monday, June 20, 2011

Westmount 1911

The Westmount Library.

Well, I went to visit the Westmount Library on a two tiered research mission; to check out the library itself and to check out some books in the library. Well, not check out as I am not a member.

I found a book on Montreal trams there, by a Richard Binn, a very detailed book. In 1911, there was a hodgepodge of different trams, some open, some closed, some convertible, some only convertible on one side.. and I think some still horse drawn.

Some had seats like seen today in busses, but some had bistro like swivel chairs.

Anyway, I also found some books about OLD Westmount to see what tram Edith and Flo might have taken from Greene to downtown.

In 1911 there were two tram loops, so I'll work on that. I am not 100 percent sure they were electric.

Anyway, that library is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of its children library. They have a nice picture of said children's room in 1922, like a large Victorian room with a big fireplace - and, according to a book I read, pictures from characters in Alice in Wonderland.

I will have Flora and Edith visit the library and she'll see a rich girl in a clean, starched dress with glistening hair tied in a bow... and nanny.

I also learned that POM bakery started in Westmount back then. A man who wanted crumpets like in England started his 'homestyle' bakery. As a girl, I often ate the crumpets from POM. I loved them, buttered big time. Dionne and Dionne specialty grocers was also in Westmount in 1911.

I might mention that in Edith's story.

And most important as I have to change this in my first draft, Westmount Park was called Victoria Jubilee Park.

In 1911, Westmount spent 640 on Coronation decorations.... So I can also mention that... Probably in the park, after all.

Westmount Park on a sunny June 2011 day.