Friday, July 1, 2011

100 Years Ago 1911....Coronation Day.

Perth, such a pretty Heritage Town, it could be England. But Kate and Wills aren't going there.

Well, we spent a few days west of Ottawa on a lake, nearish Perth, a place without cell coverage, visiting my sister in law, the granddaughter of Marion Nicholson, who wrote the letter below, almost 100 years ago to the day.

As it happened, Marion N. talks of a visit to Hudson, near where I now live, and where my kids grew up.

It's Canada Day, July 1, 2011, and we didn't stop in Ottawa on the way back, because we knew the crowds would be too crazy, what with the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Of course, back then, they'd just had the Coronation of, hmmm, let's see, Wills' great great grandfather...George V, Colin Firth's Dad.

Well, 100 years to the day, and I have finished my first draft of Flo in the City, posted at

I'm going to print it out and think about things for a while. Maybe I'll listen to some dramatizations on BBC Radio 4, or some readings of Zola of or finish my Sentimental Education, to clear my head and put nice rhythms in my head.
Hmm. I didn't put anything about the Opera House and Lorne Elwyn. Someone was looking up Lorne Elwyn a few days ago and found this blog.

June 28, 1911
Richmond Quebec

Dear Father,

Your will see by the heading where I am. I only got here Monday evening for I went to Hudson with the Fields' and had a fine time. They have a cottage by the lakeside and they also have a motor boat where I spent most of my time.

Then one of the men there had a yacht and he took us for a sail from Hudson to Ste. Anne's and back and after all I find Richmond quite a nice place although it looks queer without a station.

Did I tell you that we really have got an increase of salary for next year so that I will be getting $650 next year and they have given me the next class on my way to the top so that my work I hope will be easier.

The next time you see me you will find me sporting a pair of glasses. I had Dr. Byers examine my eyes and he said that I should wear them all the time but I find that very hard to do and a great deal of the time they stay in their case.

Mother, Edith and Flora have gone to our opera house to hear the famous Lorne Elwyn and I am keeping house with Floss for protection from the tramps. Last night Dr. Skinner took us for a ride from Corris nearly to Trenholmville. It was great and the first time I have been cool for a week.

Since I have not been here very long I have not any Richmond news so will close for this time.