Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edith Nicholson and Elizabeth Arden Meet!!

My bottle of Fifth Avenue. I got it at Christmas but gave it away as my husband is allergic to perfume.

As I plot out Edith's Story (tentatively called Edith in the City) and as I try to figure out why Edith got so mad at Dr. Villard at French Methodist, I have already decided to include a chance encounter with Florence Nightingale Graham, the Canadian from Woodbridge, Ontario who moved to New York in around 1908 (must check) to become Elizabeth Arden.

She was born in 1884, the same year as Edith. And she started out as a nurse. I'll have her joke that you don't have to become a nurse just because you are named after one.. and she'll tell Edith that it's not only about choosing the right job at the right time, it's also about choosing the right place. She'll talk about New York and all the jobs for women opening up there. (I have a list of statistics about stenographers in the city from 1910.)

Edith will be looking for work as a stenographer (it will be a flashback) as she took a typing course at St. Francis... So it works out well.

Elizabeth Arden will represent a woman as focused as Marion Nicholson, but with more options, for some reason... because she is willing to take risks.

I have to go find her biographies ...