Friday, July 8, 2011

Milk and Water

Crepeaus around 1927

Wellses around 1927

Well, as I let my first draft of Threshold Girl sit for a while, I got to researching Edith's story, the Westmount Story.

But a bit in the Westmount News about a run away Laurentian Horse cart got to me thinking... I plan to write a story, Milk and Water, about Montreal in 1927, when there's a typhoid epidemic.

I intend to cross the stories of my grandmother, Jules Crepeau, Director of City Services and my husband's grandfather, Thomas Wells, President of Laurentian Spring.

I figured I'd write if AFTER I've finished the Tigsholas Trilogy...

Then, thanks to Andrew Collard's book about Old Montreal, I found the link...David, the Prince of Wales.

I've figured out the plot and now all I have to do is a little more research... but not even that much.

I want to write it in the style of some of the Radio Four Afternoon Plays I've heard over the past 5 years.

I'll write in in dramedy style... My grandfather and my husband's grandfather are going to be thrown together and they'll have a two solitudes style conversation, that will work on a couple of levels.