Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Protestant vs. Catholic

Edith Nicholson circa 1910

I found Preparing the Way, the book by Paul Villard that discusses Westmount Methodist Institute in far greater detail than the Westmount News article.

I had seen it before, five years ago.

But now, as I embark on Edith's Story, I realize this book is key to explaining it.

Edith's story will focus on her suffrage activism, but during the story she is teaching at this Missionary School in Westmount.

She is teaching there when she loses her fiance in a fire and Paul Villard, a doctor, gives her a 'heart tonic' -I assume something laced with Opium.

Preparing the Way explains every aspect of the curriculum and even gives the kid's schedule.

What will her story be? Will she try to convert Miss Gouin? The Roman Catholic, who likes to have fun...Yes, maybe she will meet Miss Gouin at a meeting... Hmm.

Preparing the Way is all about converting Catholics, who like to have fun, even on Sunday....

Of course, in 1912, Edith becomes very angy with Paul Villard but there are no details given. Preparing the Way goes to great length to show that everyone lives in harmony at the school, the pupils, and the teachers.


I have to take a wild guess about what irks Edith... Is it about Presbyterianism vs. Methodism or is it about workload vs. pay.

Edith seems to think the Board would be upset if they knew the truth.