Thursday, July 7, 2011

A signed George Eliot edition of Middlemarch?

Edith's 1884 copy of Middle March, signed by the author ont he outside :) and signed by Edie inside. (So my title is correct, even if it is Tabloid style.)

E Nicholson 1930, is written inside in pencil So she got the book, part of a set, when it was 50 years old... oh, and so was she as she was born in 1884.

Hmm. I wonder (and I just thought of this) is she got it as a 50th birthday present.

Very likely. And that goes to show you what kind of person she Edie was.

Well, I didn't work on the novel Threshold Girl, because it's a beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too humid, so I thought I'd go back into Montreal, and visit the Westmount Library to photocopy their version of Preparing the Way, the book Principal Villard wrote about Westmount Methodiste. I had a photo copy, from my first visit six years ago, but I threw it out. And now I know I need it in order to write the Edith story...

And there are only a few copies of this in existence, one at McGill, but it's on microfice and who knows if it is still there.

It's a not a part of history anyone is proud of. I swear I saw a copy on, but if it was there it got taken off. Or maybe it was

But I don't have it on my puter, so maybe I am remembering wrong.

The problem is, driving in Montreal this summer is a nightmare, even worse than usual. So it's better that I take a train, someday next week.

Anyway, this book is just about the oldest thing I have belonging to the Nicholsons, although they didn't have it in 1884. I do have a letter from 1879, very hard to read... a love note to Margaret, but by a girl, I think.

Oddly, I have never read Middlemarch, at least not all the way through. Dunno why. Maybe, in honor of Edith, I will read her edition.