Friday, March 30, 2012

Believing my own Fiction


Here are the final two installments of the first draft of the first chapter of Diary of a Confirmed Spinster,the follow up to Threshhold Girl. I just listened to a BBC Radio Four program where Jeremy Irons and Eileen Atkins read the Wasteland. You'd think I'd be inspired to do a great job here, but...well. 

I think I'll have my hubby listen to the same BBC program this weekend. A few weeks ago I had him watch Death of a Salesman, because he admitted he had never heard of it. Then I saw that Grapes of Wrath was on Turner Classics, so we watched that. The book was a mandatory read in our high schools, but he never read it. After watching the 1939 (I think) movie he asked, "Why would anyone want to watch something that depressing?"  "It's not nearly as depressing as the book, " I replied.  Well, we still have Star Trek. We both like that.  My husband works nights so I make him lunch at noon and we watch the first Star Trek reruns, kind of a ritual.

Last week they aired that awful episode with the stupid plants that spew happy seeds where Spock falls in love with Jill Ireland. (The first time that aired, back in 67 or whatever, my brothers ran out of the room.) We discovered something new, thanks to HD TV. They use DOUBLES during the fight scenes. After all these years, we suddenly notice. That first Star Trek is part cheesy child's program, part serious sci fi, and part dissertation on the repression of Eros, methinks. And part genius too, I guess. Considering what came after...

Anyway, we both like the Big Bang Theory TV Program, too, which, as it happens, had a Spock themed plot this week, and 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother and  we like lots of modern movies, those androgynous ones, like the Bourne Series. Titanic is an androgynous movie and it's coming out right now in 3D. We won't likely see it because my husband cannot see 3 D. He has an eye issue that's congenital. 

Threshold Girl is about Flora Nicholson's year at Macdonald Teachers College in 1911/12, the Titanic Era, if you will. Diary of a Confirmed Spinster is about her older sister Edith's doomed love affair.

The stories are based on real letters, I just embellish. I added a child labour theme to Flora's story and I'm adding a murder theme to Edith's.

The more I think of it, the more I believe my own FICTION.  It is entirely plausible that Edith's fiance went to Mexico to -ahem- make easy money. After all, he moved to Cornwall upon his return, a place where it was easy to smuggle to the US.

The hurricane at Monterrey in 1909 did, indeed, do considerable damage to William Mackenzie's brand new water works system, I found a document on Guthenberg that shows the damage. So it entirely plausible that Charlie's trip to Mexico was to do with some damage control measure by the Canadian concern. William Mackenzie was a Torontonian.  He was made a Sir in 1911, likely at the Coronation of GeorgeV, and along with Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier.