Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Titanic Fashion and Female Fat

Flora Nicholson of Threshold Girl and cousin May Watters, in around 1909 or 1910. Look how thin Flora was!

About 90 pounds or less. Her mother Margaret was worried, as this was the era when a healthy person could catch a cold one day and be dead in a week. Nevertheless, the Nicholson women were weight conscious.

Marion and Edith weighed about 130 or more, but remember, they weighed themselves in their clothing, and they wore a lot of heavy clothing!

As more and more young women went out to work, and this demographic got more clothes purchasing clout, the younger silhouette came into vogue. And the movies didn't hurt, either. The movie camera likes angular lines.

This blog does not support MP3, so I did a short video with the opening of Threshold Girl on my Canon Camera, purchased 6 years ago. My husband, the professional video editor, promises to help me make a professional looking slideshow. But we've already had our first fight over it. That's why husbands and wives don't work together, even if they have complementary talents.

The first few paragraphs of Threshold Girl. The entire PDF is available for free, without ads. And with some nice pictures of Titanic Fashion.

I insert era fashion sketches as well as beautiful colour plates.